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Flexible architecture models:
Manageable, adaptable and independent.

Flexible software architectures have the advantage that they can be adapted to possible future developments without significant effort, and can be optimised based on different quality objectives. This is achieved by, among other things, so-called microservices, DevOps and self-contained systems.

The decoupled module components and the independent deployment of the microservices are the decisive factors that make the software architecture not only particularly adaptable but above all extremely effective and cost efficient. Self-contained systems act in much the same way.

Thanks to the minimised coordination effort and the increased development latitude, agile development models can be optimally supported. DevOps on the other hand represent a process improvement approach between software development and operation, with the aid of which the quality of the software, the speed of the development and commissioning and the teamwork are greatly improved.

More dynamic architecture thanks to microservices, DevOps, self-contained systems & Co.

This software architecture training module provides the tools and innovative skills necessary for creation of flexible architectures that permit fast deployment and thus fast feedback from use of the system. In addition, the FLEX training is designed to describe the essential drivers for the architecture types, the consequences of the drivers for the architectures, and the interplay between the architectures and the organisation, processes and technologies.

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