Enterprise Application Integration Patterns

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EAI is a method for integrating business functions along the company’s value chain that are distributed across diverse applications on different platforms. We assist your company to develop concrete methodological solutions.
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It is vital to be able to structure complex architectures clearly in the area of intersection between customer requirements, economic efficiency, operability and development, to further develop consistent overall concepts for the modelling of IT and business architectures and to promote a common understanding of IT architecture strategies. Enterprise Application Integration Patterns is a method for integrating business functions along the value chain of a company that are distributed across various applications on different platforms.

In this interactive training, participants will learn the approaches and concepts of Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP), as well as the tasks and challenges of architecting integrated solutions and messaging. They will get an overview of the variety and use of patterns for integrating multiple applications. Afterwards, participants will be able to assess the potentials and benefits of EIP for the design of integrated solutions and design concrete high-quality integration solutions based on it.

Using various methods such as case studies, exercises, lectures and discussions, we will give you the necessary expertise and introduce you to practical applications so that you can apply what you have learned to your everyday life. The content is partly supplemented with programming examples, however, no programming exercises are performed directly in the training.

Training content

  • Introduction to integrated solutions architecture and messaging
  • Overview of basic solution strategies for integrating heterogeneous applications and their advantages and disadvantages, e.g., file transfer, shared database, and user interaction
  • Basic enterprise integration messaging and its advantages and disadvantages
  • Selected messaging patterns in the categories:
    • Message Channel (e.g., point-to-point channel, publish-subscribe)
    • Message Routing (e.g. Filter)
    • Message Transformation (e.g. Claim Check)
    • Message Endpoints (e.g. Event Driven Consumer)
  • Challenges and cross-cutting issues in highly integrated environments:
    • Network interference
    • Logging
    • Monitoring
    • Fault handling -and its resolution options:
      • Circuit breakers
      • Retry strategies
      • Time-out


  • This course requires a good understanding of software architecture, experience in communication between systems and data representation.

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