Strategy Mapping with Wardley Maps

2-day workshop for beginners

Create situational awareness!

Only through situational awareness and knowledge of the surroundings can a route through impassable terrain be sensibly planned. The workshop introduces Wardley Maps as a tool for strategic decision making. So let’s draw a map of our strategic environment!

About the Workshops

  • The workshop presents Wardley Maps as a tool for strategic planning in the IT environment and introduces the method.
  • By visualizing the strategic situation, strategy mapping helps to question assumptions made and to validate them in the team.
  • The workshop requires no previous knowledge and is aimed at all strategic decision makers in the IT environment like business analysts, scrum masters, software architects, software developers and system owners.
  • The contents are taught by means of exercises and practical examples.
  • After the workshop, participants will be able to create their own maps and use them in making strategic decisions.

Examples for Wardley Maps

During the workshop participants learn to read and understand Wardley Maps. The central components of Maps are explained and the way to the first map is walked together. After the basics have been internalized, advanced concepts are considered and discussed. In practical exercises related to software development, maps are built up and refined in several iterations with the help of the Strategy-Cycle Maps. Through the conveyed understanding of the evolution of components from the Uncharted to the Industrialised Domain, the participants will understand which skills are needed at which locations. It will be discussed how teams should be structured and used to find the right characters for the corresponding tasks. At the end, advanced techniques are covered:

  • What do pioneers, settlers and urban planners have to do with their own projects?
  • Peace, War & Wonder: Where are we right now?
  • How can complex maps be structured and divided?

Other training participants also visited the DDD method toolbox hands-on workshop and the iSAQB Advanced Level module DDD

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