iSAQB CPSA Advanced level

iSAQB CPSA-A training courses in ITech Academy

The advanced training program deepens your knowledge in the competence areas methodology, technology and communication. In various modules you can collect the 70 required credit points for  the certification as “Certified Professional for Software Architecture-Advanced Level (CPSA-A®)”. The certification in the Advanced level requires prior completion of the Foundation Level. Even for software architects who do not strive for certification, all advanced modules are of great value for daily work.


Training courses with the finest expertise

In the Advanced Level you can choose from 17 modules, which can be selected according to your interests. From flexible architecture models to domain driven design to important soft skills, you will find all relevant and current topics from the world of software architecture.

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How do you document and communicate software architectures?

20 CP Methodical

How do you do effective architecture work in agile teams and projects?

20 CP Methodical, 10 CP Communicative

How do you find out if an architecture meets expectations?

20 CP Methodical

How do you leverage blockchain technologies to establish consensus in distributed, low-trust systems?

20 CP Technological, 10 CP Methodical

How are adaptable infrastructures designed and implemented for the cloud?

20 CP Technological, 10 CP Methodical

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

How do you design a professional architecture in collaboration with technical experts and developers?

20 CP Methodical, 10 CP Communicative

How can you keep a large landscape of IT systems and applications consistent?

30 CP Methodical

How do you design embedded systems, i.e. those that have a direct impact on their environment?

20 CP Technological, 10 CP Methodical

How do you design particularly flexible architectures?

20 CP Technological, 10 CP Methodical

How do you systematically improve software systems, aligned with economic and technical goals?

10 CP Technological, 20 CP Methodical

How can architects lead discussions on architecture determination and present their architecture comprehensible?

30 Communicative

How do you equip architects with sufficient requirements engineering know-how so that they can make well-founded architectural decisions?

10 CP Communicative, 20 CP Methodical

How do you design powerful and secure web-based systems?

30 CP Technological

How does software architecture work with functions, immutable data, combinators?

20 CP Technological, 10 CP Methodical

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