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Credit points for CPSA-A certification

The advanced training program deepens your knowledge in the competence areas of methodology, technology and communication. In various modules you can collect the 70 credit points required for the Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A®) examination. Certification at Advanced Level requires prior completion of the Foundation Level. Even for software architects who do not strive for certification, all Advanced Level modules are of great value for daily work.

Technological skills

Methodological skills

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Domain-driven architecture is the goal!

The success of a software system always depends on the extent to which it supports the user in carrying out specific tasks. Domain-Driven Design (DDD) increases the probability of this success by structuring the software right from the beginning on the basis of the application area or domain. Domain experts and engineering staff jointly develop a unique terminology that is used across all levels through to the source code. This not only avoids communication problems and their consequences at an early stage, but also achieves qualitative improvements, by for example avoiding anonymous Setters and Helpers. Predefined patterns such as the Entity, Value Object, Aggregate, Service etc. simplify communication in the development team and result in a uniform, high-quality architecture.


Looking beyond the horizon of your own system

Specialist terminology and patterns work not only for a single system, but also in large software projects with multiple development teams, or for separately developed (micro-)services. Concepts such as Bounded Context, Context Map, Shared Kernel, Domain Events, Anticorruption Layer etc. are used here.

This iSAQB-certified software architecture training module provides the participants with the tools and innovative skills needed for development of a technical terminology that uses DDD patterns and establishes the link to other applications for context-specific design of an application oriented to the functional domain. Core aspects of the training are event storming to get to know the domain, strategic thinking to split up the domain, and tailoring and demarcation of models. Other topics covered are Ubiquitous Language, Domain Logic Patterns and Tactical Design, and advanced topics such as local model consistency, implementation of the building blocks, design by contract, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), event sourcing and microservices.

In addition to this training we recommend our DDD method toolbox Hands-On Workshop.


  • Domain, Model and Ubiquitous Language
  • The way to the model
  • From model to implementation
  • The model in the application architecture
  • Cut and delimit the model
  • Maintain local model consistency


In the iSAQB curriculum you will find the training content, the structure and the learning objectives.

Face-to-Face training

✓  Training documents and, if applicable, exercise materials
✓  Snacks, cold and hot drinks and lunch on all days
✓  Modern equipped and large training rooms for a pleasant learning atmosphere
✓  Didactically skilled and practically experienced trainers

Live online training

✓  Training documents and, if applicable, exercise materials
✓  Visual collaboration through modern online tools
✓  High degree of interactivity through adapted documents, exercises and breakout rooms
✓  Optimal support by trainer also in the breakout rooms

Your Trainer

Matthias Bohlen

Matthias Bohlen is a coach for product development, IT consultant, lean/kanban expert and software architect. He has been a member of iSAQB since 2012 and is committed to the qualification of software architects. In addition, he regularly lectures at conferences and writes for trade journals. Matthias Bohlen has a unique way of explaining complicated things in a simple way and making them realizable in small steps. With his help, teams can write good software, release it at the right time and have fun doing so.

Noah Neukam

As a software architecture manager, I have extensive expertise in managing and coordinating development projects. I particularly specialize in creating and maintaining detailed architecture documentation that serves as a central guideline for projects. My expertise in Domain Driven Design enables me to design complex applications that are optimally aligned with business requirements. In addition, I take the lead in software development by guiding teams and developing innovative solutions to ensure high quality deliverables.

Marc Haid

Marc Haid has more than 30 years of experience in software development and is currently focusing on .NET, Xamarin, Web and Cloud technologies. During his studies of software development he focused on software architecture and useful test coverage. In addition, contact with “iron”, release management and design are not foreign to him and according to his understanding are part of the tools of a future-oriented full-stack developer.

Mahbouba Gharbi

As a software architect, coach and trainer, Mahbouba Gharbi has been advising major clients on the planning and implementation of demanding IT projects for over 20 years. She deals with the conception and implementation of medium to large software systems. In addition to her work as managing director and chief architect of ITech Progress, she is co-founder and chairwoman of the board of iSAQB e.V. and actively participates in designing curricula and exams.

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