Requirements for software architects

iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level Modul REQ4ARC

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The advanced training program deepens your knowledge in the competence areas of methodology, technology and communication. You can collect the 70 credit points required for the Certified Professional for Software Architecture-Advanced Level (CPSA-A ® ) exam in various modules. Certification at the Advanced Level requires prior completion of the Foundation Level. Even for software architects who are not aiming for certification, all Advanced modules are of great value for their daily work.

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The importance of requirements in software development

Good requirements management and clearly defined requirements are the basis of a successful software project. Clear priorities enable project teams to pull together and avoid conflicting goals. Coupled with precise formulations, uncertainties can be prevented and risks reduced.

However, the trick is not only to put a requirement in a good starting position, but also to understand the journey of a requirement, to be able to accompany it through the entire development process and to skillfully follow up again and again. This coin has two sides, the target group-oriented preparation on the sender side and the adaptation, requests and appropriate implementation on the recipient side. Through skillful cooperation, added value can be achieved that actually helps the stakeholders.

Better requirements with requirements engineering

The aim of this module is to equip architects with sufficient requirements knowledge so that they can make informed architectural decisions based on the actual needs of stakeholders. They should either know how to elicit requirements (in agile and iterative approaches), or at least know what to ask of others in their environment.

Training content

  • Contents of the Requirements for Software Architects (REQ4ARC)
  • module

  • Clean start
  • Handling functional requirements
  • Dealing with quality requirements and constraints
  • Behavior-oriented development
  • Prioritization and estimation of requirements
  • Collaboration between roles
  • Tools for requirements engineering
  • Examples


You can find out more about the learning objectives and training content in the iSAQB syllabus

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  • Includes training documents and exercise materials
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Your trainer

Axel Feix

Axel Feix has many years of project experience as an analyst and software architect and supports customers as a senior consultant and trainer in the introduction and implementation of software engineering, requirements engineering, software architecture management and architecture documentation. It is important to him that a tailor-made tool with a suitable catalog of methods is created from a selection of many tools in order to achieve maximum benefit in the long term. He is interested in what flies, everything that can be visualized and played, and what holds the world together.

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