Web security module from iSAQB - We are accredited!

“We are proud to have received the accreditation for the web security module. This certification is a testament to the quality of our training programs and our continuous efforts to strengthen the skills of our participants in the field of web security.”

Mahbouba Gharbi, Managing Director of ITech Progress GmbH


ITech Progress is pleased to announce official accreditation for the Web Security module from iSAQB® – International Software Architecture Qualification Board. This significant recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in educational standards and our expertise in web security.</p

In today’s digital world, web security is a critical factor for business continuity and data protection. The Internet, as an open system, offers hackers numerous opportunities to attack and steal sensitive information. Companies and organizations must therefore design their web applications and services securely and regularly check for vulnerabilities.
The iSAQB’s Web Security module is aimed at software architects and provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of web security. Participants will learn about important security measures such as implementing firewalls, using encryption techniques and identifying and fixing vulnerabilities. The right combination of these measures can significantly reduce the risk of attacks and data loss.
The module also covers the implementation of security measures such as authentication and authorization to control access rights to web applications and services. Participants will learn how to effectively integrate these measures into their systems to further enhance security.
In summary, the web security module provides a comprehensive introduction to web security and enables participants to make their web applications and services more secure and regularly check for vulnerabilities.


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